Protecting your goods in transit, projects and transactions

Filhet-Allard Maritime advises you, accompanies you and offers you guarantees adapted to each of your risks.

Soft Commodities

Filhet-Allard Maritime offers insurance solutions for importers/exporters and traders of agricultural commodities.

Hard Commodities & Energy

We provide insurance solutions for importers, exporters and traders of oil, gas, steel, fertilizers and ores.

Finished Goods

We develop insurance solutions for industrial manufacturers, traders and distributors. 


Credit & Political Risks

We secure transactions through insurance solutions against political risks, political violence and credit risks for financial institutions, exporters, importers and traders operating internationally in emerging and developed markets. 

Turnkey Projects​

We develop transport insurance solutions for the construction of factories and power plants, including protection of machinery, equipment and industrial tools.

Our approach

Risk Management

We always start our mission by analysing your risk exposures in order to provide our recommandations on specific insurance issues.



We leverage our expertise and engineering skills to design your insurance program and optimize your total cost of risk.


We give you access to international markets and negotiate the best terms and conditions. We ensure administrative management, claims and recoveries handling as well as compliance.

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