Looking for a way to optimise your transactions and secure goods in transit throughout the supply chain? We provide the best solutions to prevent, transfer and manage risks.

We cover key cargo flows around the globe. Goods carried from one continent to another in the course of international trade face an array of risks along the way , during the journey itself and in auxiliary operations such as handling, loading, unloading, warehousing and forwarding.

Soft Commodities

Protecting cargoes of basic agricultural commodities for importers, exporters, supply-chain managers, trading companies and distributors.

Hard Commodities & Energy

Facilitating the transport of hard commodities like oil and steel for importers, exporters and distributors.

Finished Goods

Protecting cargoes of various finished goods for manufacturers.

Turnkey Projects

Solutions for the construction of factories and power plants, including insurance for machinery, equipment and industrial tools, as well as oversized and heavy loads.

Credit & Political Risks

Solutions covering political risks and credit risks for financial institutions, exporters, importers and merchants active around the world in both emerging and developed markets.

Our approach

Risk Management

To fulfil our mission, we always start by reviewing your current situation to pinpoint any specific insurance issues for you.


We deliver expertise and creative solutions to help you optimise the cost of risks.


We give you access to international markets and negotiate the best terms and conditions, administrative management, compliance and claim handling.

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