Corporate Risks

Streamlining and securing your operations

The Filhet-Allard group has continued to diversify and now covers the full range of risks faced by companies, all while ensuring the utmost attention to detail and a level of professionalism appreciated by insurers the world over.

Corporate Risks

Filhet-Allard covers any and all risks you are likely to face in your line of work. From property insurance to protection against emerging risks, we will advise you on the most suitable solution for your environment to secure your accounts and your bottom line.

Employee Benefits

We offer consulting and other services in sync with your specific situation to enhance your appeal and keep costs under control.

Credit & Factoring

Your receivables and inventories are key items on your balance sheet, but they are both an opportunity and a threat. We can help you analyse them, capitalise on them and secure them by seeking the solution that best suits your needs in everything from credit insurance to factoring and sureties.

Risk Management

Our team of risk management specialists is on hand to help you find the best way to forestall the risks you face. Our online solution gives you direct access to resources provided by PRAEVENTIA, our risk management subsidiary. We operate worldwide through our international network of specialists, BROKERSLINK.

Affinity Insurance

We craft tailored affinity insurance coverage options while developing an innovative approach to ensure you set yourself apart from the competition. Our affinity insurance solutions are specifically designed to help win over customers and secure their loyalty.

Our approach


We are there to help you optimise solutions that will secure your assets while striking the best balance between cost and efficacy.


To fulfil this mission, our specialists start with a detailed assessment of your business then offer advice tailored to your individual requirements, drawing on their extensive experience in corporate risk management.


Our specialists are always on hand to listen, give you the support you need and align their advice with your best interests.

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