Gender Equality Index

Filhet-Allard has been awarded a Gender Equality Index score of 83/100.

The index measures progress in restoring gender equality by assigning companies a score based on up to five criteria.

The score has been calculated since 2019 using four or five indicators depending on the size of the company, including pay gaps, pay rises, promotions, maternity leave and equality of pay among senior management. In France, companies are required to publish their score and submit it to the labour inspectorate.

Filhet-Allard’s 83/100 is very encouraging. It stems from a long-standing HR policy that began focusing on this particular issue many years ago, long before the index was established.
Annual pay rises ensure people with the same skills and responsibilities receive equal pay for comparable work, while maintaining compensation consistent with benchmarks for brokers, insurance companies and reinsurers. We also arrange one-on-one meetings every year to foster gender equality in the workplace and secure a healthy work-life balance. Our human resources department ensures maternity and paternity leave has no unwanted impact on career development or wages.

Filhet-Allard will continue to work on improving its index score going forward.